Spiced Apple Cookies

  It’s no secret – I’m a massive tea drinker. Gasp! A British girl who likes tea? Well I never… Yes, we’re a tea guzzling nation like no other, and I’m just another tea junkie. But in recent years I’ve grown out of my bog standard English Breakfast addiction, after discovering a huge variety of different blends. Who knew there was a whole big, exciting world out there filled with tea?! Fragrant, floral, spiced, iced, fruity, minty – I’ve tried… Read more »

Mocha Cookies Recipe

  There’s nothing quite like a good cup of coffee on a peaceful sunday morning. Within the last year, my partner Dan has introduced me to what good coffee really means. Before – my idea of a posh cup of coffee was Douwe Egberts’s Gold Blend instant. Yep. All baristas – cover your ears. Sorry. But within the last year, we have gone from bog standard instant blend, to a Dolce Gusto coffee machine, to a no frills cafetiere, to finally an… Read more »