Flu Fighting Tonic

  This season brings so many things I love. Knitted jumpers, leaves changing colour, cosy nights in, warm drinks – and don’t get me started on Christmas! But along with all that warm and fuzzy stuff, comes the horrors of cold + flu season. It’s unavoidable. Every year you think you’ve escaped getting ill, and then BAM, you’re sick.     The last time I came down with the dreaded lurgy, I got so fed up of conventional Lemsips that just the thought of my next one… Read more »

September Smoothie

  It hit me the other day that it’s been 18 months since I completely transformed my lifestyle and diet. Before that, I had been pretty sick for a while, and was just getting sicker. After far too many doctors appointments, inconclusive tests and unhelpful medications, I was near the point of giving up on myself. It was only once I started to take action into my own hands, and take a look at what I was eating, did I start to… Read more »

Coconut Water Refresher

  Summer is finally here! I know this because I’m gravitating towards anything coconut flavoured. But the sun is also out, which is another teeny-tiny MAJOR clue that we’ve entered summertime. Could Britain really… actually… be having nice weather? Good lord.     Quick! Don’t waste any time! Grab your pitchers and grab your BBQs, and let’s make the most of this while it lasts!     So coconut water huh? This is really a ‘thing’ now. As I weep into a… Read more »