Flu Fighting Tonic

  This season brings so many things I love. Knitted jumpers, leaves changing colour, cosy nights in, warm drinks – and don’t get me started on Christmas! But along with all that warm and fuzzy stuff, comes the horrors of cold + flu season. It’s unavoidable. Every year you think you’ve escaped getting ill, and then BAM, you’re sick.     The last time I came down with the dreaded lurgy, I got so fed up of conventional Lemsips that just the thought of my next one… Read more »

  Ok, so I’ve use the word “Truffle” very loosely here. In all honesty, these are nothing like truffles – I’m not even going to pretend. There’s not a chunk of chocolate in sight. Sorry Willy Wonka! But if like me, you’re looking for a healthy alternative to cocoa, these little guys are the golden ticket! They are pretty damn healthy and will fuel you with energy, as well as satisfy your sweet cravings.     Aside from ditching the cocoa,… Read more »

  I’ve always wanted to infuse my own oils, in a silly food-geeky kind of way, and this week I finally got round to doing it. I couldn’t pick one particular flavour, so I decided to do what any (in)sane girl would, and make 3 different infusions. So this week I’m completely spoiling you with 3 amazingly simple recipes.     Amongst the olive oil whirlwind, I’ve also been dedicating my time to other new and exciting activities this week. Me… Read more »