Rosemary and Garlic oil is seriously good stuff. No really – I would drink this stuff if it was socially acceptable. But I guess for now, i’ll stick to using it for cooking and dressings.     As a young girl, growing up in rural Norfolk, I’ve always had a keen interest in herbs. Whether it be reading about their varied uses in my mother’s cookbooks, or identifying and picking them from our cottage garden. As I’ve grown older,… Read more »

  Chilli oil is probably one of the easiest oils to infuse. All you need is some good quality olive oil and some dried chilli flakes and you are good to go! You can add some whole dried chillies too if you’re feeling particularly adventurous. Seriously, there’s no excuse not to make this one.     Other plus points are that it’s super quick to do and can make the perfect homemade gift if you’re in a giving mood. If you’re a… Read more »

  Lemon and basil is a match made in heaven… and in an olive oil? Even better. I just love how the lemon zest in the recipe turns the oil an even deeper, vibrant shade of yellow. They say you can’t bottle up sunshine, but this is pretty damn close. Right?!     This oil is so, so versatile. It can be drizzled over fish, over pasta dishes and used as a light, refreshing salad dressing.     To really flavour… Read more »