Avocado Chocolate Mousse

I have two things to say to the person who decided to put avocado and chocolate together for the first time. 1 – What the hell were you thinking?! 2 – Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.     Yes, I was skeptical when first trying the combo. But after my first mouthful of avocado chocolate mousse, I was totally converted. Weirdly when you combine avocado and chocolate you get what is effectively a creamy, chocolatey, banana-y (Yes, banana-y!) concoction. Why… Read more »

  I’ve always felt a bit sorry for cauliflower. If it’s even possible to feel human emotions towards a vegetable. I’ve always thought it was a bit misunderstood. The UK has never quite given it the respect it deserves. We tend to boil it to death, and serve it unimaginatively alongside a roast dinner. Flavourless, mushy and bland. It’s only saviour being a good splash of gravy to revive the poor thing. He just needs a good home and somebody to love him…. Read more »

Spiced Apple Cookies

  It’s no secret – I’m a massive tea drinker. Gasp! A British girl who likes tea? Well I never… Yes, we’re a tea guzzling nation like no other, and I’m just another tea junkie. But in recent years I’ve grown out of my bog standard English Breakfast addiction, after discovering a huge variety of different blends. Who knew there was a whole big, exciting world out there filled with tea?! Fragrant, floral, spiced, iced, fruity, minty – I’ve tried… Read more »