I’ve always felt a bit sorry for cauliflower. If it’s even possible to feel human emotions towards a vegetable. I’ve always thought it was a bit misunderstood. The UK has never quite given it the respect it deserves. We tend to boil it to death, and serve it unimaginatively alongside a roast dinner. Flavourless, mushy and bland. It’s only saviour being a good splash of gravy to revive the poor thing. He just needs a good home and somebody to love him…. Read more »

Coconut Water Refresher

  Summer is finally here! I know this because I’m gravitating towards anything coconut flavoured. But the sun is also out, which is another teeny-tiny MAJOR clue that we’ve entered summertime. Could Britain really… actually… be having nice weather? Good lord.     Quick! Don’t waste any time! Grab your pitchers and grab your BBQs, and let’s make the most of this while it lasts!     So coconut water huh? This is really a ‘thing’ now. As I weep into a… Read more »

Finding somewhere to eat in an unfamiliar city can feel like a daunting task for those of us suffering with food allergies, intolerances or just wanting to eat clean. Especially when you don’t want to revisit the generic gluten-free menus from the usual suspect big-name chains. I don’t know about you, but when I take a trip to a new city, I want to check out unique independents or local chains, places I wouldn’t be able to find in my… Read more »