I’ve always wanted to infuse my own oils, in a silly food-geeky kind of way, and this week I finally got round to doing it. I couldn’t pick one particular flavour, so I decided to do what any (in)sane girl would, and make 3 different infusions. So this week I’m completely spoiling you with 3 amazingly simple recipes.


Infused Oil 3


Amongst the olive oil whirlwind, I’ve also been dedicating my time to other new and exciting activities this week. Me and a friend took a spooky Ghost Walk around our historic home city of Norwich, I made Naturally Ella’s delicious Raw Chocolate Brownies, and funded The Yellow Table Cookbook, an inspirational foodie project on Kickstarter. I’m so pleased Anna has reached her funding goal. There’s still 6 days to go, so get clicking if you fancy backing someone’s dream!


Infused Oils


My biggest tip when making any of these oils, would be to make sure your bottles are sterilised, and as dry as possible. That goes for the fresh herbs used too, try to dry them out as much as you can before use. Even If you find yourself drying them in an airing cupboard, or gently with a hairdryer. Ahem. Totally didn’t do either of those. Ahhhh, the glamorous life of food blogging! Joking aside, this is an important step. Locking out the moisture will insure you won’t end up with mouldy bottles, and will allow you to keep the oils for as long as possible.


All 3 Infused Oil Recipes can be found here:

Chilli Olive Oil

Lemon and Basil Oil

Rosemary and Garlic Oil