In an ever-evolving tech-savvy world, foodies and food bloggers can make great use out of a few staple apps, to really help them in and out of the kitchen. I’ve put together a little collection of my favourite free apps, to help you get more out of the online food community, and encourage you to cook, blog and browse efficiently. Here’s my list of top 5 free apps for foodies and food bloggers:

Top 5 apps for foodies and food bloggers


Follow an insane number of food blogs? Then Feedly is your best friend. Or if you want to get technical, it’s your smart-ass RSS reader. A smartRSS reader if you will. This means you can follow all of your favourite food bloggers all in one place. It’s a smarter and faster way to track, read and share posts from the foodie blogs you love. This app helps you to create a beautifully laid out, custom newsfeed, to insure that you never miss another post or recipe from your favourite food bloggers. The garlic crusher of the tech world, Feedly makes browsing fast, simple and easy.

top 5 free apps for foodies and food bloggers


Do you ever stumble across a delicious recipe at a time when you are too busy to save it? Thinking to yourself, I’ll have to remember that for later. But then, life happens. It’s forgotten in an instant. Never fear, because Pocket is well and truly here for you. This beautifully clever app will allow you to save and pocket a recipe for later, with just the touch of a button. It’s available on your phone, tablet, internet browser or computer and works offline, so you will never lose track of interesting posts ever again. Pocket also partners up perfectly with Feedly, allowing you to pocket things straight from your Feedly newsfeed. Its Feedly’s witty sidekick, without the embarrassing pants and cape. Together – they are invincible.

top 5 free apps for foodies and  food bloggers


Ever dream that you could create your own custom cookbook? Well stop sleeping, and quit your dreaming, because Zest Recipe Manager is the real deal. This app allows you to collect and automatically import all of your favourite recipes from the web, and store them as a digital cookbook. A tailor-made digital cookbook for your iPhone and/or iPad. Do you need a quick pinch? Browse, organise, tag and search all of your recipes and photos via a slick, glossy interface. You can even add your own recipes. When it’s time to get cookin’, Zest will guide you step-by-step through your selected recipe. Foody heaven.

Top 5 free apps for foodies and food bloggers


We all love reading a good recipe, but let’s face it, sometimes all we really want to do is stare at photos of food for hours. And I mean hours. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pinterest was born from our generation’s love for posting food snaps. Look at my healthy breakfast. Here’s my hipster coffee. Feast your eyes on my gastropub dinner. You get the picture. So if you want to feed your hungry habit, get yourself on Pinterest. Tonnes of foodies, food bloggers and enthusiasts are constantly pinning their mouthwatering, belly-grumbling recipe photos to the site, and the app makes following and browsing them completely effortless. Make inspirational boards to organise your favourite foody images. Pin pictures from your own food blog. Pin some porridge, pin some pasta, pin some pastries. Get pinning, the possibilities are endless.

top 5 free apps for foodies and food bloggers


If you’re a food lover, then you probably like going out for a meal from time to time. Become a savvy restaurant-goer with OpenTable. This app allows you to easily book a table at over 4,000 restaurants in the UK. For my US readers, there’s a US version available here. Choose a date, time and party size to find and book available tables in real time. You can find restaurants near you or wherever you’re headed, read restaurant reviews and rate them yourself. You can also narrow your search by cuisine, price, distance or special offers. Choosing where to eat has never been so easy. Choosing what to eat, might be another matter.


So there we have it, my top 5 free apps for foodies and food bloggers! Please let me know of your favourite foody apps, I would love to discover some new gems.