Twenty Eight

July 5, 2019Twenty Eight

This month I’m turning 29! Yikes. Does this make me a grown-up now? I don’t feel very grown-up. While age is just a number and all that, I wanted to share the 29 things I’ve taken away from the past year. You may remember when I did this last year when turning 28?

Gluten Free Hazelnut Praline SPONGE CAKE + A GIVEAWAY!!!

March 15, 2019Gluten Free Hazelnut Praline SPONGE CAKE + A GIVEAWAY!!!

As soon as Sponge announced their Gluten Free Hazelnut Praline cake, I knew I would have to find an excuse to treat myself! So when Sponge gave me the opportunity to try out a cake of my choice – I jumped up and down with excitement! (Preemptively burning off calories before the inevitable cake coma.) Free cake – was this a fairy-tale?! Somebody pinch me.

Bowling House – Review

August 27, 2018Bowling House – Review

Hands up who hasn’t been to the Bowling House in Norwich yet? If you’re raising your hand right now… what were you thinking?!

Twenty Seven

July 12, 2018Twenty Seven

Hi all! How’s things? It’s been a while.

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