Hey there – my name is Anna!

I started Heart + Bowl as a way of dealing with a number of food intolerances, which began in my early twenties. These intolerances were undiagnosed for a long time, and made me ill for years. I only started to feel better once I adopted an all-natural, unprocessed diet. I gave up dairy + wheat too.  As my health improved, and I made new foodie discoveries, I began to embrace the change.

My intolerances encouraged me to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, and gave me a completely fresh outlook to food. Eating well has now become less of a necessity, and more of a passion.

Starting Heart + Bowl has helped me to find exciting, new possibilities in the kitchen, and I hope it helps others to discover something new too! I want this blog to show how healthy food can still be easy + delicious, and that food allergies + intolerances don’t have to feel restricting. Because no matter what, food is about comfort, heart and soul. I hope that Heart + Bowl is the home to those kinds of ingredients, and my recipes offer some inspiration if you recreate them!

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