Plastic Free Periods + Reusable Sanitary Pads

December 29, 2019Plastic Free Periods + Reusable Sanitary Pads

Everywhere you look lately we're being told just how bad single-use tampons and sanitary pads are for our environment. With the average woman using an estimate of 16,000 disposable pads or tampons in their lifetime, more and more of us are turning to sustainable alternatives. Especially as they can take over 500 years to decompose too!

Independent + Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide

December 14, 2019Independent + Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide

We all have good intentions, but when you're struggling for gift ideas it can be so easy to buy something in a rush or just for the sake of it. As a result, most of these items sadly end up unused, donated or in landfill. Over the years, I've learnt that the most sustainable thing we can do is gift someone an experience, your time, or a donation to charity. These all make amazingly thoughtful gifts with minimal impact to our planet.

Sustainable Christmas Stocking Fillers - Gift Ideas

December 11, 2019Sustainable Christmas Stocking Fillers - Gift Ideas

Want to buy more sustainable stocking fillers this Christmas, but haven't a clue where to start? Fear not! I've created this handy gift guide with some of my favourite eco-friendly gift ideas to get you started! I've tried to keep these as practical as possible, so you can feel confident they will be used or loved for many years to come.

Switching to Natural Make-Up - Organic + Plant-Based Favourites

October 27, 2019Switching to Natural Make-Up - Organic + Plant-Based Favourites

Today I thought I would bring you some of my natural make-up favourites! Over the last couple of years, I've slowly been trying to switch out my conventional make-up products to something that's kinder to my skin and the planet.

Starting a Capsule Wardrobe + Not Buying New

October 1, 2019Starting a Capsule Wardrobe + Not Buying New

Does anyone else think that autumn feels like the perfect time to regroup, get organised and declutter? Move over spring, there’s a new clear-out season in town!

Sustainable Reusable Cotton Pads

September 14, 2019Sustainable Reusable Cotton Pads

Did you know that most single-use wipes contain plastic? I wasn’t aware of this until very recently either! After watching the BBC documentary War on Plastic, I was shocked to find out that this was the case, and the amount of plastic in a ‘disposable' wipe can be as high as 84%! That’s insane. A lot of this plastic is non-biodegradable too. Apparently the plastic is what helps to make them stretchy and strong. Honestly, stretchy and strong is not something I want from a wet wipe. I just want something that will remove my make-up or clean my hands thanks.

A New Direction

August 31, 2019A New Direction

Hello lovely ones! As always it’s been a while. You may have noticed that over the last few years Heart + Bowl has stayed relatively quiet. There have been many reasons for this! So I thought today I would open up to tell you a little bit more about why that is, and hopefully let you in on some exciting news about why that might be changing.

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