Switching to Natural Make-Up - Organic + Plant-Based Favourites

October 27, 2019Switching to Natural Make-Up - Organic + Plant-Based Favourites

Today I thought I would bring you some of my natural make-up favourites! Over the last couple of years, I've slowly been trying to switch out my conventional make-up products to something that's kinder to my skin and the planet.

Starting a Capsule Wardrobe + Not Buying New

October 1, 2019Starting a Capsule Wardrobe + Not Buying New

Does anyone else think that autumn feels like the perfect time to regroup, get organised and declutter? Move over spring, there’s a new clear-out season in town!

Sustainable Reusable Cotton Pads

September 14, 2019Sustainable Reusable Cotton Pads

Did you know that most single-use wipes contain plastic? I wasn’t aware of this until very recently either! After watching the BBC documentary War on Plastic, I was shocked to find out that this was the case, and the amount of plastic in a ‘disposable' wipe can be as high as 84%! That’s insane. A lot of this plastic is non-biodegradable too. Apparently the plastic is what helps to make them stretchy and strong. Honestly, stretchy and strong is not something I want from a wet wipe. I just want something that will remove my make-up or clean my hands thanks.

A New Direction

August 31, 2019A New Direction

Hello lovely ones! As always it’s been a while. You may have noticed that over the last few years Heart + Bowl has stayed relatively quiet. There have been many reasons for this! So I thought today I would open up to tell you a little bit more about why that is, and hopefully let you in on some exciting news about why that might be changing.

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